Moscow Raceway is ready for the semi-finalists

Dramatic Fights, uncontrolled clashes and a devastating mistake shaped the four exciting quarterfinal races of DTM Experience Winter Cup at the Red Bull Ring.


Tim Heinemann, who already won the DTM Championship in 2015, moved into the quarter-finals with the maximum score of 4000 points and straightly went at the start of the first race. Already in qualifying, Heinemann took the pole and defended his position until the final finish. Behind him, on the second to sixth rank, the well-known pilots from the DTM Championship 2015 Löhner, Stange, Knatz, Windschatten and Arella lined up.


The race of the 2nd group on Friday began with a serious accident due to that some drivers have been pushed far back. Alexander Dornieden won this second race at Spielberg after a fierce duel with Julian Kunze.


A fatal mistake and more blunders made the start phase of the third quarter-final race to a chaos run. Directly after starting, a driver mistook his clutch with the brake and shot unbraked into the first corner. Two drivers were thereby thrown off the track and for one of them the race was over. This error, caused by nervousness, was extremely uncomfortable for the driver so he immediately apologized to his colleagues. Manuel Lange won this race just ahead of his clan colleague Karl Becker.


In the fourth and last quarterfinal race Thomas Kinza surprised with an impressive performance. Starting from within the leading group, he drove confidently forward as he could keep his direct competitors Denis Emelyaneko successfully at bay and won this race. The Greek participant Giorgos Tzanetos also proved to be a very skilled driver. The newcomer started from pole position and showed a very pleasing performance throughout the whole race. It will be interesting to see his performance in the semi-final race.

For the twelve best riders of each race things will be getting serious again on Saturday 13.02.2016 at 7 pm. Then the 40-minute practice of the first semi-final run at the Moscow Raceway begins. In the subsequent qualifying the 24 drivers will be competing for the best starting position in the 30-minute race, which starts at 8 pm. The second semi-final race takes place in the same mode on February 14th 2016.


The grand finale of the DTM Experience Winter Cup will take place on February 21st 2016 and is traditionally held at the legendary Hockenheimring.


All three races will be broadcast live on our twitch channel and commented by Touring Pro Series.

The podium winners from the final multiplayer race receive free tickets for the DTM season opening in 2016, where they will be honored with championship trophies.