The winners and losers of the semifinals – now it gets serious!

The last hurdle for a place in the grand finale of the DTM Experience Winter Cup has been overcome. From almost 4000 participants, 24 virtual pilots could stand up to the tough competition. Those who managed this so far belong to the best virtual DTM drivers in the world.


The semi-final race at the Moscow Raceway offered superb virtual motorsport for viewers of the live stream. Directly after the start of the first race, Heinemann, who belongs to one of the top favorites because of his impeccable performance in the time trial and the quarterfinals, fell back from the pole position by 7 positions due to a driving error.


That gave his most persistent pursuers Moritz Löhner, Willy Windschatten and Jan Stange the chance to breathe the fresh air at the top. But this condition should not last long. With an aggressive comeback and the tailor-made use of the DRS system, Heinemann catapulted back into the top 3 within only four laps. Shortly thereafter, also Löhner had to bleed due to a self-inflicted mistake and gave his leading position back to Heinemann.  Heinemann defended this first place constantly over the remaining race and went over the finish line as the winner.


The German Audi driver Tim Brockmeyer puts down the greatest pursuit race of this race. Going into the race from position 21 on the grid, he fought himself up to 12th place and managed incredibly to qualify for the finals. Willy Windschatten went out of the race as an unlucky loser: Due to technical problems he had to give up his masterfully defended 2nd place as he lost connection to the race.

DTM Experience Winter Cup | Semi Final – Group 1:

The start of the second race went much quieter and controlled. The Greek diver Tzanetos, who surprised as one of the newcomers in the quarter-finals, secured the pole position with a large margin of over half a second. But right after the start of the race he had to give his position to the seconded placed driver Alexander Dornieden, winner of the second quarterfinal. Exciting duels on the positions behind Dornieden gave him a free ride and made him able to pull clear round after round. In the end he crossed the finish line as the winner, making him one of the top favorites for the final race.


Meanwhile Tzanetos fell further back into midfield and could not continue to improve despite driving the fastest lap of the race. The Mercedes driver ultimately managed to reach the final on the penultimate rank. Rene Penquitt delivered an impressive pursuit race. He maneuvered his AUDI RS 5 DTM skillfully from position 21 to 10 and also qualified entitled to the final. However Thomas Kinza, the winner of the 4th quarterfinal race, disappointed in Moscow: Already the qualifying didn’t run smooth for him, as he went into the race from position 10. The former favorite lost another three positions during the race and thus retired early.

DTM Experience Winter Cup | Semi Final – Group 2

A great DTM Experience Winter season is coming to an end. On Sunday, February 21, 2016 it is an all-or-nothing game for the 24 virtual top drivers in the grand finale. It will be interesting to see who claims the DTM Experience Winter Cup Champion title 2015/2016 on the traditional track Hockenheim. The podium winners of the final multiplayer race receive free tickets for the DTM season opener in 2016 and will be exclusively honored with championship trophies.

Live-Stream DTM Experience Winter Cup 2015/2016 – Final

  • Start Sunday, 02/21/2016, 7:00 pm!
  • Training: 7:00-7:40 pm / Qualifying: 7:40-8:00 pm / Final race: 8:00-8:30 pm
  • Broadcast live on our twitch Kanal  and commented by Touring Pro Series.