Game Modes

RaceRoom Racing Experience offers you a variety of game modes. This section gives you a brief overview of what’s waiting for you.


Select a race track and the open tarmac is yours alone. Fire up your favorite race car, practice your driving skills and learn the perfect racing line and braking points.

Single race

Challenge yourself in a race against up to 22 of the computer’s evolving opponents or choose the adaptive A.I. function to adjust your opponent’s difficulty level according to your liking.


Meet the challenge and compare your best lap times against all the other players online. Monitor your progress in real time using the in-game leaderboard bar.


Call out friends and rivals, or even real-life race drivers in online multiplayer races. Experience live the direct challenge in grids of up to 24 players from all over the world.


Earn the title of champion for yourself, your team, and your manufacturer as you race against computer controlled opponents that will adapt to your skill level after each race of the season to create a unique and exciting championship experience every time you play the game. Don’t let them outpace you!

Physics models


Novice, Amateur and Get Real physics models offer people of all skill levels the right challenge and thus let this game become a thrilling experience for the whole family.


New to racing games? Novice Mode is ideal for newcomers. Automatic brake assistance and brake markers on each corner make learning a track layout easy and provide the perfect conditions to adopt proper driving technique. Novice Mode is well suited for racing with a keyboard or mouse.


Up for a challenge? Amateur Mode offers ABS and traction control as useful driving aids to keep the car on the blacktop in difficult situations. Other assists are now disabled making Amateur the right Mode for advanced drivers. Amateur Mode works well with keyboards and gamepads.

Get Real

Think you can compete? Get Real Mode offers real race simulation and a challenge suited for even the most experienced drivers. No driving assists are available and tire wear and damage become major factors while racing. Get Real mode is best suited for wheels and gamepads.


Experience unparalleled realism and racing excitement. Become enthralled by detailed graphics and realistic car physics, matched with industry leading sounds to experience a new dimension of race gaming on the PC.

Adaptive AI

Want to fine tune your experience? Test your reflexes and concentration against intelligent and determined computer driven opponents. Adaptive AI will adjust difficulty based on your performance after each race offering you an ongoing challenge.

Audio Realism

Few sounds are as moving as those of a finely tuned race engine at full throttle while tearing across the blacktop. Experience the pure and exhilarating auditory pleasures of motorsport as they have been recreated for you by one of the most talented sound engineers in the industry. Turn up the throttle and experience exciting original racing sound on your PC.

Custom Championship

Set up your individual championships with our custom championship feature. You can set up any championship you like with the cars and tracks in your portfolio. Find out more in our  Custom Championship Tutorial.


Transform the rear wing of your race car to trade downforce for speed as you move to overtake your opponents at crucial moments throughout each race.

Pit Stops

Like in the real world changing driver has to happen within the given timeframe in championship mode. Rekon penalties if you are too late! Develop the right pit stop strategy during Single-, Championship-, and Multiplayer races  to change your tires or repair aerodynamic damages in case your race car has been damaged.

Find out more in detail which settings you can adjust in our ADAC GT Masters Experience Pit Stop Tutorial.

Weight Penalties

Any car in a Championship race may be forced to carry additional weight. The balance of performance weights are assigned as specified by the Sporting Regulations of each race series according to the previous race results. Be prepared to step up your gameplay should you have a pile of tungsten ballast blocks at your feet and experience even more intense racing on your PC.

Virtual Reality & Triple Screen Support

For full immersion, you can use your VR headset or three monitors. There is nothing that comes closer to driving a real race car.

Free Content


Only in RaceRoom Racing Experience you can take a seat behind the wheel of the legendary BMW 134 Judd V8 for free or chase across the tarmac with the American super sports car Saleen S7R. Here you find an overview of our free-to-play race cars and tracks. Come back regularly to check out new free cars and tracks that are added.



See, hear and feel like real race drivers behind the wheel! Sit behind the wheel of legendary classics or race with high-end bolides of the newest generation. Race cars from manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Corvette, Ford, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Pagani, Porsche and many others are waiting to be unleashed! All vehicles are officially licensed and are implemented virtually in close collaboration with our partners from the real racing world.

Start the Soundcheck!

Experience mind blowing race sound that will boost your pulse! Caught directly at the race track and replicated with love to details by one of the most talented sound engineers in the industry.

By the way, did you know that you can test drive all our race cars in our Shop for free on the race track RaceRoom Raceway before you decide on your favorite?  



Race on legendary and world renowned race tracks. Every corner, every centimeter of asphalt and the different lighting conditions are reproduced with lots of love for details by the best track artists in the industry. As can be seen in the Reality Check Video below.

Reality Check:

Latest track releases:



If you want to purchase all game content at once for a reduced price, if you are looking for a starter pack with a good selection of vehicles or if you are only interested in a particular series like the DTM or the WTCC and you want all seasons and tracks, we got you covered.

And the best thing – if you already own certain content of a package your price will decrease accordingly. More information about this you find here.



Here you find all information to our in-game currency “Virtual Race Points” and the discount system at our in-game store.

  • Virtual Race Points (vRP) are our in-game currency that is being used to purchase content.
  • 100 vRP = 1,00 EURO

The cheapest option to purchase Virtual Race Points (vRP) is by visiting the RaceRoom shop and choose a pack of vRP to gain additional discount on your purchases.

  • When browsing the RaceRoom Racing Experience Store, the simply add items to the shopping cart by clicking the ‘add to cart’ button.
  • An Overview of the current items in your shopping cart will be displayed at the right side of the screen.
  • Once you choose all the items you want to purchase click on the check out button.

There are 3 discount systems being used in our in-game store apart from the usual discounted item. These are: Dynamic Discount, Linked Discount and Volume Discount

Dynamic Discount:

Dynamic discount system is used in packs where the price of the pack goes further down based if the user already owns a percentage of the content of it.


The dynamic discount formula is explained step by step below:

  • Regular price of all the content in the pack is added together. E.g. 1000
  • Regular price of the content owned by the user is added together. E.g. 500
  • Total regular price of content owned by the user is divided by total regular price of the content in the pack. E.g. 500/1000 = 0.5
  • The result is used as a percentage. E.g %50
  • Cost of the pack is multiplied by the percentage to get the discount the player gets. E.g. 750*0.5 = 375
  • The discount is deducted from the cost of the pack which gives the player the total discounted price. E.g. 750-375 = 375


Regular price = Price of all the content in the pack before any discount is applied.
Pack price = Price of the pack.

Linked Discount

Linked discount applies when the player is buying a car model he/she already owns in a different class.

The system recognizes that the player owns the car model and changes the price of the car from full price to the fixed linked car price.



  • Player already owns Audi R8 LMS Ultra in GTR3 Class.
  • Player wants to buy the Audi R8 LMS Ultra in ADAC 2014 Class.
  • The actual price of the car is 299 vRP.
  • System sets the price of the car to 75 vRP since the player owns the car model in another class.

Volume Discount


All purchases within the in-game store uses vRP’s, converted from the preferred currency of the player. When buying a lot of items, the system adds additional discounts as the total vRP that’s being purchased goes up.
Volume discount applies when the player purchases vRP’s in the game store, using the cart. The more vRP’s that needs to be purchased, the more additional volume discount is added until a certain percentage.
The Volume discount does not apply to purchases below 500. The volume discount only works when there is a vRP purchase in store. It does not apply to already purchased vRP’s.


The formula: Any value over 500 gets divided by 250 which returns as a percentage. This percentage can go up to 18%.



  • Player buys content that costs 750vRP = %1 additional discount.
  • Player buys content that costs 1000vRP= %2 additional discount.