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RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) is the worldwide leading free-to-play motorsport simulation for PC and is your point of access to international race series like ADAC GT Masters, DTM and WTCC as well as legendary race cars and world renowned race tracks.


A selection of free content is available to you in single- and multi-player modes. Online events provide you the opportunity to experience also premium game content for free.


Optional game content like race cars, car liveries and tracks you can purchase anytime individually or in content packages with the in-game currency “virtual Race Points (vRP).”



It´s more than a game

RaceRoom Racing Experience is a common platform for all motorsport fans, sim racers and real world race drivers. No other PC game brings you closer to professional motorsports and the drivers of real race series. Race for fame and glory and win cool prizes.

Your dream car is waiting for you.

BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Chevrolet, Ford, McLaren, Pagani, RUF, Radical, Volvo, Saleen and many more to come are part of the list of the best car manufacturers in the world dominating the world of motorsports. Here you can experience these dream cars yourself – anytime, as long as you want.

Pure realism that touches your senses.

Feel, see and hear like a professional race car driver behind the wheel. Your full concentration is needed and heated overtaking maneuvers will make you sweat. Will it be your sweet victory… or the bitter defeat? Get ready to experience motorsport action to remember.

“The sounds of all the vehicles as well as the track noises are captured and reproduced faithfully by one of the most talented sound engineers in the industry. Experience the exciting and realistic sound of a racetrack on your PC”

The language of speed.

Many people all over the world go on the hunt for the speed record. Many of the most beautiful places on the globe are home to famous racetracks. Get in and take over these places for you.

Racing for the whole family.

Novice, Amateur and Get Real driving physics modes offer a challenge for all players and make this game an experience for the whole family.

International RaceRoom Community.

The RaceRoom Motosport Community connects motorsport fans, simracers and real racers worldwide with each other. Here you can witness series-overarching Motorsport, share your passion and measure yourself with like-minded people.

Racing nonstop!

RaceRoom Racing Experience is constantly being improved. New vehicles, tracks, racing series will be realized regularly to pursue the aspiration of making the gaming experience even more realistic and exciting.

Game Modes

RaceRoom Racing Experience offers you a variety of game modes. This section gives you a brief overview of what’s waiting for you.


Select a race track and the open tarmac is yours alone. Fire up your favorite race car, practice your driving skills and learn the perfect racing line and braking points.

Single race

Challenge yourself in a race against up to 22 of the computer’s evolving opponents or choose the adaptive A.I. function to adjust your opponent’s difficulty level according to your liking.


Meet the challenge and compare your best lap times against all the other players online. Monitor your progress in real time using the in-game leaderboard bar.


Call out friends and rivals, or even real-life race drivers in online multiplayer races. Experience live the direct challenge in grids of up to 24 players from all over the world.


Earn the title of champion for yourself, your team, and your manufacturer as you race against computer controlled opponents that will adapt to your skill level after each race of the season to create a unique and exciting championship experience every time you play the game. Don’t let them outpace you!

Physics models


Novice, Amateur and Get Real physics models offer people of all skill levels the right challenge and thus let this game become a thrilling experience for the whole family.


New to racing games? Novice Mode is ideal for newcomers. Automatic brake assistance and brake markers on each corner make learning a track layout easy and provide the perfect conditions to adopt proper driving technique. Novice Mode is well suited for racing with a keyboard or mouse.


Up for a challenge? Amateur Mode offers ABS and traction control as useful driving aids to keep the car on the blacktop in difficult situations. Other assists are now disabled making Amateur the right Mode for advanced drivers. Amateur Mode works well with keyboards and gamepads.

Get Real

Think you can compete? Get Real Mode offers real race simulation and a challenge suited for even the most experienced drivers. No driving assists are available and tire wear and damage become major factors while racing. Get Real mode is best suited for wheels and gamepads.


Experience unparalleled realism and racing excitement. Become enthralled by detailed graphics and realistic car physics, matched with industry leading sounds to experience a new dimension of race gaming on the PC.

Adaptive AI

Want to fine tune your experience? Test your reflexes and concentration against intelligent and determined computer driven opponents. Adaptive AI will adjust difficulty based on your performance after each race offering you an ongoing challenge.

Audio Realism

Few sounds are as moving as those of a finely tuned race engine at full throttle while tearing across the blacktop. Experience the pure and exhilarating auditory pleasures of motorsport as they have been recreated for you by one of the most talented sound engineers in the industry. Turn up the throttle and experience exciting original racing sound on your PC.

Custom Championship

Set up your individual championships with our custom championship feature. You can set up any championship you like with the cars and tracks in your portfolio. Find out more in our  Custom Championship Tutorial.


Transform the rear wing of your race car to trade downforce for speed as you move to overtake your opponents at crucial moments throughout each race.

Pit Stops

Like in the real world changing driver has to happen within the given timeframe in championship mode. Rekon penalties if you are too late! Develop the right pit stop strategy during Single-, Championship-, and Multiplayer races  to change your tires or repair aerodynamic damages in case your race car has been damaged.

Find out more in detail which settings you can adjust in our ADAC GT Masters Experience Pit Stop Tutorial.

Weight Penalties

Any car in a Championship race may be forced to carry additional weight. The balance of performance weights are assigned as specified by the Sporting Regulations of each race series according to the previous race results. Be prepared to step up your gameplay should you have a pile of tungsten ballast blocks at your feet and experience even more intense racing on your PC.

Virtual Reality & Triple Screen Support

For full immersion, you can use your VR headset or three monitors. There is nothing that comes closer to driving a real race car.



See, hear and feel like real race drivers behind the wheel! Sit behind the wheel of legendary classics or race with high-end bolides of the newest generation. Race cars from manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Corvette, Ford, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Pagani, Porsche and many others are waiting to be unleashed! All vehicles are officially licensed and are implemented virtually in close collaboration with our partners from the real racing world.

Start the Soundcheck!

Experience mind blowing race sound that will boost your pulse! Caught directly at the race track and replicated with love to details by one of the most talented sound engineers in the industry.

By the way, did you know that you can test drive all our race cars in our Shop for free on the race track RaceRoom Raceway before you decide on your favorite?  



Race on legendary and world renowned race tracks. Every corner, every centimeter of asphalt and the different lighting conditions are reproduced with lots of love for details by the best track artists in the industry. As can be seen in the Reality Check Video below.

Reality Check:

Latest track releases:

Free Download


Downloading RaceRoom Racing Experience is free. After installing the game you can get started right away. Five different racing cars and three race tracks with a total of eleven different track layouts are available totally for your enjoyment.


In numerous online events you can experience additional premium game content for free, measure yourself with real racers on the leaderboards and even win some prize.

Start your engine!

Try before you buy

With RaceRoom you can test all chargeable Vehicles for an indefinite period before you decide to buy your favourites.

Installing RaceRoom Racing Experience

1. Installing Steam:


RaceRoom Racing Experience is a product available through Steam, the online digital distribution service. You have to register a free Steam account to be able to use Steam.

An Internet connection is required to install and play the game “RaceRoom Racing Experience”.

You already have a Steam account?

Existing users of Steam can download RaceRoom Racing Experience by navigating to the RaceRoom Racing Experience STORE PAGE and clicking “PLAY GAME” to install and to add it to their Steam library.

You don´t have a Steam account?

If you are currently not a registered user of Steam, you can go here to learn more about, and install Steam.

After installing Steam, navigate to the RaceRoom Racing Experience STORE PAGE.

Click “PLAY GAME” to install RaceRoom Racing Experience and to add it to your Steam library.

2. Register a free account on RaceRoom Racing Experience:

First time users of RaceRoom Racing Experience must first register a free account. Please note: you have to accept the EULA (End User License Agreement) in order to complete the registration.


After completing the registration process, you will receive an email with a link to verify and activate your account. Click the link. After completing the link, you will be taken to the login page where you can now sign in with your new RaceRoom Racing Experience credentials.


After logging in, you will be taken to your personal RaceRoom Racing Experience Portal page. More about your personal user profile page can be found here. We wish you a lot of fun with RaceRoom Racing Experience!

About KW Studios / RaceRoom



„When you go to the race track, you can feel the speed and the power close-up, but when you race the track yourself it becomes a part of you. RaceRoom is a place where everyone can experience how emotional racing is from a drivers perspective.”

Klaus Wohlfarth – Founder KW automotive GmbH


We have made it our mission to build a bridge between the real and virtual world of motorsports and we pursue the goal that the fascination and the emotions of motorsports are not only limited to professional race drivers, but can be experienced by everyone.


KW Studios

KW Studios is a Swedish game developer committed to the creation of realistic championship experiences for motorsport series worldwide, including; DTM, ADAC GT Masters, WTCC and the WTCR. Accomplished developers from SimBin Studios and Sector3 Studios quickly assumed responsibility for the development of RaceRoom and began releasing updates to meet and exceed community expectations for the virtual racing platform. In the studio and at race tracks around the world KW Studios maintains partnerships with motorsport to create unique opportunities within the race gaming genre. From petrolheads to casual gamers KW Studios puts the thrill of racing in the player’s hands with one goal, to enjoy the drive. Find more information on

KW automotive GmbH

The company with its registered address in Fichtenberg, Germany is one of the most successful manufacturers of sports driving dynamics. KW offers its customers the largest suspension program world-wide. Simulation with the latest technology is one of the backbones in the strong development sector of KW. The company is a unique mediator for RaceRoom between the real and the virtual world and responsible for development and production of the RaceRoom hardware systems. Find more information on

RaceRoom Entertainment AG

The company with its registered address in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, is an entertainment company with production facilities in Germany and Sweden for virtual racing hardware and racing game software for use in stationary or mobile business applications as well as solutions for home users. The company is the central publisher, licensor and main contractor for RaceRoom.

RaceRoom Entertainment GmbH

The company based in Germany is an entertainment company focused on Esports and Events, as well as Software development.