The BMW M235i Racing has arrived!

You have been waiting for a long time, but it’s finally here: The BMW M235i Racing  has arrived on RaceRoom. And we are proud to say that it is one of the most accurate virtual representations of a real racing car that you will ever drive.

The BMW M235i Racing is a close-to-production coupé, developed by BMW Motorsport. Its regular hunting ground: The Nordschleife. The traction control gives the car a very predictable handling and makes it a good entry-level car. But when you turn it off and push the pedal to the metal, the 333 horsepower strong engine will provide a good challenge.

The car comes with a wide variety of liveries, all 100% accurate representations of the real liveries that are used on the racetracks all over the world. But the car looks even more impressive when you take a look inside, and see the steering wheel with the integrated data display. RaceRoom worked together closely with Sorg Rennsport, a racing team that enters the BMW M235i Racing on the Nordschleife, and we managed to implement all of its functions into our simulation.

Accurate sound is one of the trademarks of RaceRoom, and in order to get the best representation, our sound designer Anthony Monteil met up with the Duwo team, which entered the BMW M235i Racing at the Hankook 24h race at Paul Ricard, to get the best impression and sound recordings from all angles.

The visuals and the sound are important, but what is potentially the most important thing for a simracing enthusiast is that the car is as realistic as possible. In order to achieve that, we have taken some extra steps to ensure that you get the full M235i Racing experience. In addition to the factory data we received from BMW, we worked together with the Duwo team and Sorg Rennsport and collected a lot of telemetry and data which was used for the creation of our virtual version.

Data alone isn’t everything; the feeling has to be right as well. For this reason, Oskar Sandberg joined the development team as a beta tester. Oskar has years of experience as a real racing driver, a lot of experience on RaceRoom – and most importantly, he drives the BMW M235i Racing in real life. He managed to claim the victory of the Dubai 24 hours race in the car, and this season he is driving on the Nordschleife. He could give us invaluable in-depth feedback on the behavior of the car that we implemented before the release.

We are proud to say: The only way of getting a more realistic BMW M235i Racing experience is driving the actual car. But that won’t be possible for 349 vRP. So get your virtual helmet ready: It’s time to race!