An Experience Of A Lifetime

Last year’s Mercedes-AMG eRacing competition culminated in a spectacular final at the Hockenheimring. In front of hundreds of racing fans in the Mercedes-AMG hospitality, Tim Heinemann clinched the title with a flawless performance ahead of Julian Kunze and Andre Santos. Alexander Dornieden had to fight hard, but he managed to defend his 4th place against Cristiano de Sá. While it is already a few months back, we certainly haven’t forgotten about it and now it was time for the first drivers to collect their prizes: An AMG Driving Experience for each of the top four drivers.

For the champion Tim Heinemann (Team and 4th place finisher Alexander Dornieden (Impact Racing Team), the competition meant an experience of a lifetime. They flew to Imola for a two-day session in several high-performance Mercedes-AMG vehicles, under professional assistance by race drivers such as GT Masters champion Luca Ludwig.

With the travelling costs covered and a very nice hotel, it was clear from the beginning that Mercedes and RaceRoom wanted to provide a true experience for the winners. But it really began when Tim and Alex arrived at the track, and the driver door was opened for them.

“The weather was perfect and our first car was the C63S coupe and we tried just to get a feeling for the track. Then we moved on to the A45. It’s a small car, but with 381 horsepower and low weight, it shouldn’t be underestimated. Next up was the E63S. The acceleration was very impressive, but also in the corners, the car felt very quick. But the highlight of the day was the AMG GT R. It’s unbelievable how you can drive this car through the corners, and how much control you have on the turn-in.” – Tim Heinemann

On the second day, it was all about the AMG GT R. Take a look at the video of Alexander Dornieden to get an impression:

“The cars we were allowed to drive were just insane. The two days of driving at Imola were incredible, especially for someone like me who has never driven such powerful cars before. I’m really thankful to Mercedes and Raceroom who made this possible!” –  Alexander Dornieden

2nd and 3rd place finishers Julian Kunze and Andre Santos (both EURONICS Gaming) will collect their prizes at a later date. Don’t forget: The Mercedes-AMG Motorsport eRacing competition is running this year again! Tim Heinemann and Alexander Dornieden are in the competition once again, but currently, Jack Keithley is in the lead of the championship. You can still join and give it a try!