RaceRoom RacingExperience Patch approaching: Depth of Field

Watching Replays and Broadcasts in RaceRoom will start to look even more realistic after this upcoming patch.

With the introduction of the “Depth of Field” Effect, we are simulating the way real cameras work when focusing on cars in a race and in general.

You will notice how the fore- and background will be slightly blurred, depending on the distance and zoom of the camera, giving the sim a much more realistic look when viewed from our track cameras.

The Effect will also be enabled in “Free Camera” mode, enabling you to capture more realistic looking screenshots and videos. When using the “Free Camera” you can even enable “Manual DOF Mode” by pressing the key you have mapped for it and adjust the DOF width, position and blur intensity using your mouse buttons and scroll wheel to create your perfect shot.

But don’t worry, the Effect is not enabled in Cockpit View, keeping your driving experience free of any artificial effects, and you can choose to enable/disable DOF in the visual settings.