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30. May 2015

Nürburgring Nordschleife

Our first laser scanned circuit for RaceRoom.


10. May 2015

Open Day at Hockenheimring

While on the Grand Prix circuit the two-day event „Circuit Cycling“ took place, Hockenheimring also held its “Open Day” on 10th May, expanding the bife festival with motorsport history and supporting program.


24. April 2015

Group 5 released

Dramatische Karosserien, genug Leistung um einen Berg zu versetzen und keine hochgezüchteten Fahrhilfen, das sind die legendären “Gruppe 5” Fahrzeuge aus den frühen 80er Jahren.

ADAC GT Masters

21. April 2015

First candidate for Roller motorsports promotion program in 2016 is definite

The live casting in the Roller furniture market Schwentinental (near Kiel) marked the start of the youth development program in 2016 by Roller and DK-Racing.

DTM Experience

13. April 2015

DTM Spring Cup 2015 – Spektakuläres Finale

At the grand multiplayer finale of theDTMSpringCup, the23fastestDTM fansof fourqualifying races metthe DTMrace car driverBrunoSpengler.


2. March 2015

DTM Spring Cup 2015

Beim DTM Spring Cup 2015 haben alle PC-Spieler von DTM Experience 2014 die Chance online gegen die Stars der DTM anzutreten.

19. February 2015

The Rise of Legends: DTM 1992 released

RaceRoom now gives you the opportunity to step back in time to 1992 and drive real racing DTM legends like the Audi V8 quattro DTM or the BMW M3 Sport Evolution.

DTM Experience

10. December 2014

DTM Experience at the Essen Motorshow 2014

Also at this year’s Essen Motor Show the visitor got the chance to compete live against the real DTM-drivers.

1. December 2014

Official ADAC GT Masters series partner

Also in 2015 RaceRoom will be an official ADAC GT Masters series partner.