First candidate for Roller motorsports promotion program in 2016 is definite

The live casting in the Roller furniture market Schwentinental (near Kiel) marked the start of the youth development program in 2016 by Roller and DK-Racing.

All nine winners of the Roller competitions will be invited to the scouting event in the BMW M235i on the Hockenheimring. The driver, who is gaining ground in the scouting event will be obliged to  take a start in the Rundstreckenchallenge Nürburgring in 2016 and this way acquire the license for the VLN Series at the Nordschleife. If the winner is already in possession of the Nordschleife License (Permit), he can start for free four of the eight races in the VLN Series on the BMW M235i Roller Racing 2016. Participation in the evaluation course is possible only via the Roller event.

In the end, David Zyla could secure the first place with a time of 1:40,802 and is therefore the first participant in the scouting event. On the following places 2 and 3, the father-son duo, Michael Burghardt- Wobith and Tim Wobith followed. All three winners received a car affine gift basket and a shopping voucher of 200, 100 or 50 €. The next casting in a Roller market will take place on 23rd May in Leipzig (Burghausen) .Other seven auditions with the RaceRoom racing simulators as well as an online Challenge will follow. Motorsport fans can find the calendar and the online game on