Saturday 13th of june, Norwegian Roadmuseum opened the doors to a treasure of a adventurehall. In collaboration with enthusiastic vehicle owners, Norwegian Automobile Sport Federation, the Royal Norwegian Automobile Club, the Norwegian Motorsport Club – the largest exhibition of historic race cars and racing motorcycles are finally ready for the public.

The exhibition consists of a wide range of cars and motorcycles, which together with its renowned athletes have had great national significance athletically. Here will be a drifting car “Need for Speed ​​Japan Auto Supra” as Fredric Aasbø won his first Formula operating with victory in Abu Dhabi in 2011. Petter Solberg’s legendary Volvo 240 which he got his breakthrough, together with the Subaru he won the most of his races with. The Honda CR350 bike that Ailo Gaup won the world championship in 2007.

The record Racer car “Snow white” in 1948 which has done more than 100 races. Norway’s first dragster “Sundance Kid”, which was the country’s fastest car in 1975. A KTM Factory Rally Replica desert rally bike Pål Anders Ullevålseter became world champion in 2004 and much, much more.