May 3rd to 5th  – Tuning World Bodensee, Friedrichshafen, Germany – 24 Simulators on the big stage – Total prize pool over 20.000 €, including a 3Motion Simulator and 7.500 € cash prizes

The location – A paradise for car enthusiasts

The Tuning World Bodensee is one of the biggest exhibitions for car enthusiasts in Germany. You will experience 3 days of action in the south of Germany, right near the Alps and the border to Austria and Switzerland. Over 1000 cars are on display, from dynamic high performance sportscars to the most extremely modified, tuned vehicles. In addition, there will be several shows, for example drift shows. From what we heard, there will also be quite some beautiful girls – either way: Over 100.000 visitors each year can’t be wrong.


Make sure to check out the Tuning World Bodensee Website to find out more!

Championships and Format – Three in one!

What if there is not just one event, or two, but three events in one? Read up on some of the stuff that is coming up at the Tuning World Bodensee this year, and how you can get there.


Secure your place on the stage before the event already!

  • Depending on the championship, you either have to qualify online or you can register for the competition online! There is no ticket system and no on-site qualifier where you pay per session anymore.


A race for everyone

  • With three different championship formats, there are plenty of opportunities to secure your place in the final. And competing with your teammates on a big stage, sitting right next to your competitors, is certainly a feeling you do not want to miss!


Become the star of the show… or simply enjoy watching it!

  • We will put together a big stage once again in the RaceRoom Esports Area, directly at the Tuning World Bodensee. There will be live commentary, a live stream and a spectator area with a big screen at the event! In addition, there will be an open time attack competition on a small simulator park, open and free to use for the whole duration of the event!


The trip pays out!

  • Over all series, the prizes are worth over 20 000 € – with 7 500 € cash prizes and a 3Motion Simulator as the highlights

Take a look at what is planned:

Endurance Team Championship – Friday 3rd May

Like in the past year, we will host a team endurance event, with the focus on teamplay, driver swaps and strategy. 24 teams will compete on the legendary virtual Nordschleife!

Do you want to join? You can register your team here – it’s free! If we have more than 24 team entries, the combined leaderboard times of all 3 drivers are the deciding factor. So if you want to have a safe place in the final, get your laptimes in as soon as possible!


Join the competition now!

Register your team!


Prizes in the final:

1st place 750.00 €
2nd place 500.00 €
3rd place 375.00 €
4th place 250.00 €
5th place 200.00 €
6th place 150.00 €
7th place 100.00 €
8th place 75.00 €
9th place 50.00 €
10th place 50.00 €

3Motion Challenge – Saturday 4th May

Our brand new championship format is the 3Motion Challenge. The prize is unbeatable – you can win a state of the art 3Motion simulator, fully equipped, worth over 12 000 €.

In order to qualify for the final at the Tuning World Bodensee, you can either compete online on the time attack. In each round, the 30 best drivers qualify for an online multiplayer race. In each race, the best 7 drivers secure their spot on the grid. 21 drivers qualify online – the final 3 spots on the grid will be awarded at the Tuning World Bodensee, on the day before and the morning of the event!

For the first time in an official championship, we will use the GTR 1 class.


Join the competition now!


Prizes in the final:

1st place 1 3Motion Simulator
2nd place 1 RaceRoom Game Seat
3rd – 5th place 10000 vRP
6th – 8th place 5000 vRP
9th – 12th place 2500 vRP
13th – 16th place 1000 vRP
17th – 20th place 500 vRP

ADAC GT Masters Esports Championship – Sunday 5th May

The official championship of the ADAC GT Masters starts right now, with 7 leaderboards and 7 live streamed multiplayer races online. You can qualify online for a place on the grid in the final, where it will switch to a team competition, with two drivers sharing a simulator. Cash prizes and more will be up for grabs in the final, and there is no entry fee – all you need to do is get the cars and tracks, perform online and find your way to Friedrichshafen.


Join the competition now!


Prizes in the final:

1st place 1,500.00 €
2nd place 1,000.00 €
3rd place 750.00 €
4th place 500.00 €
5th place 375.00 €
6th place 250.00 €
7th place 125.00 €
8th place 100.00 €
9th place 80.00 €
10th place 70.00 €
11th place 50.00 €
12th place 50.00 €
13th place 50.00 €
14th place 50.00 €
15th place 50.00 €

Travelling and accomodation

Where is it?

The Tuning World Bodensee is located in Friedrichshafen, in the south of Germany, right at the border of Austria and Switzerland. With this central location, it’s good to reach from plenty other European countries (Italy, France, Slovenia) and you can also perfectly combine it with a trip to the Alps.


What does it cost?

  • Travel costs have to be paid by the participant.
  • The entrance to the Tuning World Bodensee is free for all qualified drivers. Visitors, fans and friends of the drivers have to get their tickets – make sure to get them on the Website of the Tuning World Bodensee!
  • In addition, for all qualified drivers, we can provide a free camping ticket for the duration of the event. Details and registration will be provided in Early April.


Looking for a hotel or more information?

The website of the Tuning World Bodensee contains all information about the location, parking, different ways of travelling to the location as well as information about camping during the weekend of the event. Thousands of car enthusiasts are celebrating, why are you not joining them?


Friday, 3.5.

10:30 – 18:00 Final of Endurance Team Challenge

10:00 – 18:00 Qualifying for 3 spots at the 3Motion Challenge


Saturday, 4.5.

10:00 – 11:45 Qualifying for 3 spots at the 3Motion Challenge

13:00 – 18:00 Final races of the 3Motion Challenge


Sunday, 5.5

10:30 – 18:00 Final races of the ADAC GT Masters Esports Championship presented by RaceRoom.


Which equipment and settings will be used?

We will use Fanatec hardware: CSL pedals, V 2.5 wheelbase, CSL P1 wheel and will also provide headsets.

Default ingame setups will be used with the only exception being brake bias which is adjustable on the wheel. You can change the force feedback and rotation on the wheel, at your own risk.

Where can I watch the races?

All races will be streamed live on the YouTube and Twitch channel of RaceRoom.

I am from the press and I want to cover this event. What can I do?

All information and pictures are free to use. We are happy if you report about our events and activities!

For further info, please contact us at

I am interested in sponsoring this event. How can I make it happen?

Sponsors are always welcome, and we can make sure to generate a huge amount of exposure for your brand! Get in touch with us at

I want to find other drivers or fans for travelling, or teaming up

You can find other drivers in our discussion forum, or you can send a mail to, so that we put you in touch.