RaceRoom, Eurosport Events, the Nürburgring and KW Suspensions are proud to announce a highlight for all gamers, simracers and touring car fans:


May 10th to 12th  – ring°arena Nürburgring – 48 simulators – 25.000 € cash prize pool

Become a part of an unforgettable event

A total prize pool of 25.000 € will be handed out, in cash prizes, for the best performing drivers. Prizes will be handed out on the leaderboard as well as in the multiplayer races, and over 80 drivers will drive in the races in four divisions, and recieve prize money. And the best part: You can qualify for the races on-site at the Nürburgring. No pre-selected elite group – Anyone can enter!


On the same weekend, the real FIA WTCR – Oscaro will race at the Nürburgring, so the real WTCR drivers will compete in the competition, too. And of course, on the same weekend, there is the 24 hours race, which drew in over 200.000 spectators last year. You can be sure that a huge crowd will be there and you can enjoy a very special atmosphere. Represent simracing in front of the world, compete against fellow simracers of a similar skill level, and win cash!

The Location – Think BIG

This in not an online race! The ring°arena at the Nürburgring will be the host for the inaugural Esports WTCR event. And we are not messing around. 48 Simulators will be ready and waiting for you. You can come to the arena, and you can be the star of the show when you compete against fellow simracers and the real WTCR drivers.


Just want to watch? No problem, entry is free for specators. Take a seat and enjoy simracing on the highest level, brought to you by a professional commentary and media team. In addition, the races will be streamed live online.

The Cars – say hello to WTCR!

This event is the starting point of a great collaboration of the FIA WTCR – Oscaro and RaceRoom. Therefore, we will race with WTCR cars. As the first car, the Audi RS 3 LMS will be available for all aspiring Esports racers.


Do you want to practice with the WTCR car? You can do it – right now! The first online competition is already open. It is not mandatory to compete there, but we highly recommend it, so that you don’t miss out against the strong opposition. Join the competition here!

This is the exclusive oppurtunity to drive the WTCR cars and to prepare for the event, for only 199 vRP per track. For the final, default setup will be used.

You might wonder, what happened to the WTCC event that was announced last year? It gets replaced by the Esports WTCR Launch Event! It also means that all leaderboard tickets from eSports WTCC will count for the event. The drivers that have won free tickets have been informed via E-Mail in April. If you want to double check, you can also check out the list here.

You can pick up the tickets at the event, Tickets cannot be shared or given away, and you can only use one ticket at a time.

Format and Timetable

The event kicks off with a leaderboard session, that lasts over 2 days, where anyone can enter and set laptimes. The pre-qualifying track will be announced at the event, so that no one can obtain an advantage. Each session costs 10€, unless if you use a free ticket. The best 88 drivers of the leaderboard session will qualify for the final races, split into 4 divisions of 22 drivers each.

Drivers will be sorted into divisions, according to their leaderboard time, by a linear system with no gaps in between. Then, each division will drive 3 races, and in each division, a champion will be crowned. That means that you will compete the whole event against drivers of your skill group.


The provisional timetable can be downloaded here:

Provisional Timetable Version 1.1


The rulebook can be found here:

Rulebook Version 1.0

Travelling and accomodation


Here you can find a map of the Nürburgring. The ring°arena is marked with the number 05.


The website of the Nürburgring contains all information about the location, parking, different ways of travelling to the location as well as information about camping during the week of the event. Thousands of motorsports fans are celebrating, why are you not joining them?


Do you prefer a hotel? Finding a hotel near the Nürburgring can be tricky in this short amount of time, but RaceRoom provides a free bus shuttle service from Bonn to the Nürburgring, on all 3 days to help you out.

Information about the shuttle service

According to our information, the following hotels in Bonn still have free rooms:

InterCityHotel Bonn

Centro Hotel Residence Bonn

B&B Hotel Bonn

Europa Hotel

All room bookings, reservations and payments must be done by the drivers. The information provided here is purely to help the drivers.


The busshuttle will drive from Bonn to the Ring each morning, and will drive you home safely each night. And yes, it really doesn’t cost you anything, if you are a RaceRoom driver.

Here you can find the provisional bus shuttle times:

Bus Shuttle Information – Version 1.0


In order to be eligible for a place on the bus shuttle from Bonn to the Nürburgring, you must have either won a ticket in last years Esports WTCC online competition, or be represented on the leaderboards of the Esports WTCR Prologue. In addition, you must provide a confirmation that you actually come to the event. This can be a scan of hotel tickets in Bonn or nearby, camping tickets at the Nürburgring or entry tickets for the 24h race. Each driver can register a total of 2 bus shuttle tickets, so everyone can bring one person along. Places on the bus will be given away on a first come – first served basis.


Registrations for the bus shuttle are open now. Send an e-mail to competition@raceroom.com with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Link to your RaceRoom profile
  • Your phone number
  • Which days you are going to use the bus shuttle
  • Scan of a document that confirms you will actually be there

If you bring another person, we need

  • The name of the second person
  • Phone number
  • E-Mail address

Frequently Asked Questions

Which equipment will be used?

On the time attack and for the races in Division 3 and 4, drivers will use Logitech G27 equipment.

For the races in Division 1 and 2, drivers use Fanatec CSL pedals, V 2.5 wheelbase, CSL P1 wheel.


Drivers can bring their own headsets, but we will also provide standard headsets. Standard setups will be used with steering set to 540/20, no modifications to setup or wheel are allowed.

What do I have to bring to the event, in order to participate?

You need to bring

  1. a legal document, such as a passport or driver license
  2. a valid e-Mail address
  3. a printout of the confirmation that you have won tickets in the eSports WTCC 2017 (if this applies for you)

How much does it cost to drive on the leaderboard?

Entry for a driver costs 10€ for a 10 minute leaderboard session. You can purchase an unlimited amount of tickets. It is your own responsibility to use the tickets within the opening time of the simulators for qualifying.

Once you have qualified for the multiplayer races, there are no additional costs.

What is the prize pool distribution?

The prize pool distribution is specified in the rulebook.

Do I have to be there for all three days?

No. If you want to participate in the event, it is enough to be there on one of the two qualifier days, and on the race day.

What about the real races at the same weekend? Do I need a ticket for that?

To enter the Nürburgring Boulevard and the ring°arena, and to participate in the RaceRoom activities, you do not need a ticket for the 24h race or the WTCR races.

If you want to see the real racing too, you can purchase a ticket here. Tickets are not included as a part of this event.

Where can I watch the broadcasts?

The races will be streamed on the Facebook page and the YouTube channel of the FIA WTCR – Oscaro, as well as on the Twitch channel of RaceRoom.

I am from the press and I would like to report about this. Where can I find more information?

All informations and pictures are free to use. We are happy if you report about our events and activities!

For further info, please contact us at competition@raceroom.com

I am interested in sponsoring this event. How can I get in touch?

Sponsors are always welcome, and we can make sure to generate a huge amount of exposure for your brand! Get in touch with us at competition@raceroom.com

I want to find other drivers that also want to travel to the event. Can you help me?

You can find other drivers in our discussion forum, or you can send a mail to competition@raceroom.com, so that we put you in touch.